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Quality Integrators Corporation (QIC) is a leading provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems and Realtime Performance Management (RPM) solutions to Fortune 1000 manufacturers. We help our clients achieve continuous improvement in operating efficiencies. QIC tools and processes provide a flow of critical data between the shop floor and the top floor to ensure that the right information is in the right place at the right time.

These standardized routines lead to improved profitability by reducing variances in the process.

Upstream: Shop floor data is aggregated in to systems that are accessible across the organization, without increasing the operator’s workload. Real time data collection frees you to scope out inefficiencies and problems, and still have time to correct them.

We stress the importance of automating data collection (what, where, when, why and how) and the timely analysis of this data utilizing statistical tools. This has resulted in organizations improving their ability to define, manage, control and report variability in their processes providing valuable and timely information to help them reduce the costs associated with, for example, rework, over-pack, overfill, scrap and unsatisfied customers.

Downstream: However, standardized data collection routines will not lead to increased efficiencies if the correct product is not being made. Current and correct production data must be made available to production to ensure that the correct product is being produced in the first place.

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