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As a manufacturer, you are called upon to manage almost constant change, under endless deadlines. You need to balance planning with execution; quality with cost; preventive maintenance with uptime; production efficiencies with forecasted need. You face no end of decisions to optimize and improve your processes - decisions that require accurate and timely information to ensure they are not just expensive guesses.

For almost 30 years, QIC and its partners have been helping manufacturers achieve process and cost improvements; measurable effective improvements that have stood the test of time. We understand manufacturing realities, from the shop floor to the executive suite.

The shop floor - where problems can be very costly; where complying with regulatory, safety, security, and other complex operations issues is crucial; where "user friendly" is more than a buzzword; where change management is the critical success factor; where a small change can achieve massive savings. This is where accuracy of data is crucial, but also where collecting data is most difficult. Using Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Six Sigma, Lean and other tools and best practices, QIC makes sure your operation is as effective as it can be; and that your processes tightly controlled to produce quality, quantity and compliant products.

QIC: Helping you achieve more.

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